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Avion Holidays offers relaxing holidays and the opportunity to be seduced by Goa’s tropical warmth, scented breeze and vibrant colours.  Goa is exotic, mystical, tropical and sensuous. With a hot and sunny climate all winter long and fabulous white sandy beaches bordering the warm Indian Ocean, it is an ideal holiday destination for those who want to see India without the crowds. The people are welcoming and want you to enjoy the beauty of their land. Nearly all of them speak English.  The hotels are of good quality, with a few that really show other destinations what goan food
five-star quality means. Most of our hotels are away from any hustle or bustle in the more unspoilt, relaxed and peaceful areas of Goa and represent the best in their category. You will be greeted by friendly staff who want to delight you with good service, whilst exciting and delicate food brings you alive to the possibilities that a broad pallet of spices can offer.
Goa’s history over the past 400 years can be seen in the blend of Iberian and Indian, Christian and Hindu lifestyles. The Bhoja, Silahara and Kadamba dynasties left behind a number of beautiful temples; the Adilshahi rulers gifted fine mosques; and finally the colonial Portuguese left a legacy of magnificent churches, cathedrals, forts and buildings with an architectural style unique to the West.
Visitors travelling through Goa will notice the aristocratic old houses built before the end of the last World War revealing a strong influence of Portuguese architecture. Almost all these houses have carved wood furniture, priceless blue China pottery, chandeliers and pianos in the drawing room. They have imposing facades, wide festooned doors and windows and stately staircases, which are fine examples of extravagance of a bygone era. Avion Holidays is in touch with a number of owners of such houses and can arrange this unique style of accommodation for as much of your holiday as you wish – please call us for more details. If you’ve never been to Goa before, make this the year. We are confident it will surpass your expectations. If you have visited Goa in the past, we know you will want to return – and we hope you’ll choose Avion Holidays’ personal service to make the arrangements for you.

The exotic Feni made from cashew, has found favour with connoisseurs around the world. International cuisines, are also available at most hotels to satisfy even the most finicky of appetites.