The north eastern state of Nagaland shares its borders with Myanmar and the Indian states of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur. Most of the region of the state is mountainous. The highest peak is Mt. Saramati at 3840m, in Tuensang district. Three ranges of hills – Patkai, Barail and Naga that rise from the Brahmaputra Valley from the backbone of the state. Its people are as colourful as their woven attire. Weaving is a skill that has been handed down through generations and is one of their most renowned indigenous crafts.The main rivers are Barak, Doyang, Dhiku and Chinwin. Nagaland is inhabited by 16 major tribes, which have their distinct festivals, language and dress. Primary among these are the Angami, Sema, Ao, Konyak and Rengma. Every Naga tribe has its own festivals and most of these festivals are connected with agricultural activities such as reaping, sowing and harvesting. Moastu festival is performed by Ao Naga in the month of May, after the sowing. The Ao Naga celebrate many other festivals, most of which are celebrated to mark the beginning and end of a particular agricultural activity. The other prominent festivals are Sekrenyi and Aoling. The Aoling Festival of the Konyak tribe in Mon district heralds spring. Tuluni is an important festival of the Sema Tribe. The Hornbill Festival is celebrated every year at Kohima from the 1st to 5th of Dec. During these festivals folk songs and traditional dances form an intrinsic part of the festival. Most dances recount the tale of their brave ancestors.

Kohima is the capital of Nagaland but Dimapur is the largest city and commercial centre of the state, well connected by air and rail. Dimapur was the capital of the ancient 13th century Kachari kingdom. Kohima has a famous World War 11 cemetery and an interesting anthropological museum. The Burra Basti in Kohima is a traditional village with old houses and ceremonial gateways.

With undulating hills and mountains dotted with tiny villages inhabited by the Naga tribes, a journey through Nagaland is like experiencing traditions and culture as they had existed for centuries.

Avion Holidays organises cultural tours to various parts of Nagaland, introducing visitors to the customs and cultures of this predominantly tribal area. We also organise trekking and climbing tours to the Dzokou valley, which is replete with flowers from June to September and is a good place for rock climbing. Jafpu Peak, at a height of 3048 m, is a good trekking destination.