An archipelago virtually in the middle of nowhere!  Legendary beaches of unsurpassed beauty!

Lush green rainforests inhabited by, as yet not fully accounted flora and fauna!  Aboriginals untouched by modern life and inaccessible to the rest of the world!  World class diving opportunities!  Elephants which swim deep into the waters!  Waves lapping at the shores inviting the adventurous!  Crabs that climb trees!  Fishes that die a natural death after full lives in these pure waters!  Active volcanoes!  A different and colourful world in the deep sea corals!  Welcome to an amazing part of India… the Andaman islands.

A bewildering 574 islands together make up the Andaman and Nicobar of which only 34 are inhabited. Out of these, the islands of Nicobar are strictly off limits since this heritage of the world is fiercely guarded by both the indigenous people as well as the Indian government. Some islands of Andaman have opened up to the outside world in a restricted manner with Port Blair, Havelock, Neil, Diglipur and Long Island are becoming exciting tourist destinations.  Although closer to Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia, the islands are well connected by air with three major Indian cities i.e. Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata. The three main islands of Havelock, Neil and Port Blair are well connected by private luxury ferries and to the other islands by comfortable ferries.  With a 96% forest cover of which 86% is protected, the environment has retained a pristine and heavenly atmosphere. The islands offer an opportunity to bask in the sun surrounded by emerald waters, lush greens and the glorious white sands. There are world class scuba diving and snorkeling centers run by 5 star PADI certified centres offering beginner and advance courses.



Enter into a unique world, with a rich and pristine ecosystem, where tribal communities virtually untouched by modern life provide a link to our ancient past as they are rich historical and anthropological narrative. One of the most remote areas of the world and yet the safest destination in India. The Andaman Islands are an ideal place to relax, to forget worldly worries in its natural splendours and thus an ideal extension to any Indian roundtrip experience. The best beach in Asia “Radha Nagar Beach”, is a perfect place for water sports and under-water explorations, with an active volcano and a resplendent rainforest to trek in, the islands offer many opportunities for the adventure lovers.  The indigenous communities are protected by law and not accessible for tourism.  Indian Government is opening five more islands of Andaman and Nicobar to tourists to promote them as eco-tourism destinations. These are virgin islands and untouched by human presence.  There are plans to add luxury accommodations and conferencing arenas.  There are cruise projects ready to be launched.


With ample opportunities for relaxing holidays, the islands have much to offer for the more energetic and adventurous. Trek unrelentingly through beautiful greens, kayak through the mangrove forests and try water sports even if you can’t swim. There are number of water sports that wouldn’t require your swimming skills. You only need a heart to plunge into the sea with your life jacket on!


Swim with the wonderful creatures inhabiting the gorgeous waters.  Brushing past fish, big and small, giant turtles. View the rarest of corals and other sea-creatures enter into this little explored part of the world. If you haven’t tried snorkeling before give it a go and you will know what you have been missing!

Scuba Diving

Don your scuba gear for a journey to the underworld at Havelock, Port Blair or Neil. The warm and calm waters lead you into the coral creations, breathtakingly colourful and a truly magical experience.  There are numerous scuba diving centres available from where you can get your PADI certificate

Game Fishing

Try your hand at angling for salt water and fresh water fish. Ethical recreational angling is encouraged, where the game can be used for consumption but all excess catches are released back into the waters. Go on a fishing trip in one of the yachts and yes, you can cook and eat your prizes!

Motorised & Inflatable Water Sport

Banana boat rides are splendidly fun, Parasailing is a wonderful mix of water and air borne adventure, being inside the safety of a speed boat as it splashes through the waters is cool and Jet skiing is definitely thrilling… All these experiences are available at Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Islands.


Experience the perfect calm and the astounding silence with a kayaking trip through the mangrove treasures of Havelock Island.  Choose between a comfortable single seater or a double seater Kayak if you don’t want to do all the work yourself. An exciting water activity with a great work-out too


The Andaman Islands are home to over 240 species of birds, of which around 20 are endemic. Here one does not necessarily need to be an expert or have trained eye to spot and admire some of these fine feathered fellows. Given the dense canopy of forests, the mangrove ecosystem and the wide array of tropical fruits, birds here are easy to spot even from the balcony of your cottage.

Jungle Walk

Discover the Natural beauty of Andaman Islands away from the beaten tracks with expert Naturalists. Cross through the Mangroves, Streams, Rainforests and learn every facet of the Andaman’s flora and fauna.


The islands are blessed with the magnanimous presence of many marvellous hillock and rain forests which are perfectly suitable for trekking. All you need is a basic level of fitness and comfortable trekking accessories


We offer expert services by our staff being not only well trained but with deep connections with the islands.  Needless to say, this connection with the life-world of the islands is an unsurpassed asset on these virgin and barely explored islands. We maintain a judicious mix of indigenous colleagues with well traversed professionals with a large travel portfolio across the world.  We are backed by an unparalleled infrastructure, both physical and in terms of manpower. With our personalised arrangements for transport and stay, we promise comfort

and luxury. We bring with us intimate knowledge of the islands, as well as experience of providing memorable and exciting journeys into this little known part of the world. Accommodation A good inventory of rooms is available at par with the international three star and plus ratings. In Port Blair around 300 rooms are available for our international tourists. Our recommendations are:

Hotel Peerless Sarovar Portico – puts you on Corbyn’s Cove beach as the only beach resort in the city.. 50 garden and sea facing rooms and cottages mesmerize you with contemporary style.

Hotel Bay Island – Located on one of the world’s last outpost of virgin, natural rain-forest islands, overlooking the pristine blue waters of the Bay of Bengal. hotel offers 45 well-appointed rooms.  In Havelock around 350 decent rooms are available and our recommendations are:

For Eco-Resort:

Barefoot Resort – an eco friendly resort, consists of 25 elegantly designed tents, cottages and villas; is the first and only ecological friendly resort in the Andaman Island.

For Boutique:

Jalakara Resort – A boutique hotel, surrounded by virgin rainforest. A 10-minute walk from the beach,the resort has eight suites on offer as the most luxurious choice on the island.


Munjoh Island Resort – has an inventory of 26 rooms consisting luxury villa, suite and a chalet.  The resort is located right on the beach.

Silver Sand Resort – In the heart of Havelock Island, stands its finest resort with 39 luxurious air-conditioned cottages, lagoons and suites – is an ideal place to enjoy your vacations.

TSG Blue Resort – Situated close to famous Radhanagar Beach, offers 28 duplex style and 17 cottage style accommodation.

Upcoming hotels – Luxury group of hotels such as Taj are coming up with a new hotel– Taj Exotica at Havelock Island which is expected to be ready by end 2017. Further, additional 500 rooms are expected to be ready in another 2-3 years by international hotel chains.