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Ganges Heritage Cruise 05 nights / 06 Days (Up)

6 Days

05 nights / 06 Days

Ganges Heritage Cruise

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Cruise down memory lane and experience Bengal’s history, heritage and culture, the renaissances of the Bengal philosophy, the up rise of the freedom struggle, to the evolution of what Bengal is today.

  • Kolkata, the city
  • European reminiscences
  • Terracotta architecture – Palace and temples
  • Weaving village at Shantipur
  • Traditional Kansari artisans at Matiari
  • History at Murshidabad
  • The longest river barrage with 108 gates

Embarkation: Vivada jetty, Millennium park ,Kolkata
Disembarkartion: Azimganj, West Bengal

Day 1
Check in at Vivada jetty, Millennium park as per convenience. Depending upon the tide the cruiser sails past the Howrah Bridge late evening or early morning next day.

Day 2
The Europe on Ganges : There are 5 European reminiscence within 40 km north of Kolkata and were trading post. The vessel will drop anchor at Chandannagore -the French colony from 1673 to 1952, except between 1757 to 1794 when it was under the British. Bandel – meaning the Port in Bengali, the place appears to the port during the time of Portuguese.

Day 3
The vessel will drop anchor at Kalna – Maharajas of Bardhaman built several magnificent temples with intricate terracotta ornamentation, the main one being 108 Shiv Mandir built in 1809 in traditional AAT chala architecture and the Raj bari which house most of the temples. Shantipur – the weavers of fine Bengal cotton, the village rich in handloom weaving, is the second largest occupation in the state of West Bengal. The weavers here blend the traditional art with the modern life style needs, offering rich variety of textiles, sarees, stoles, fabrics etc.

Day 4
The vessel will drop anchor at Mayapur & Matiari Mayapur: Headquaters of ISKCON. Preaching the power of prayer to attain salvation. Matiari – Kansha ( Bell metal wares) was a poor man substitute to the rich silverware used in Bengali homes for prayers, table wares and also for cooking. The traditional Kansari artisans make from scrap metals handcrafted wares and artefacts.

Day 5
The vessel will drop anchor at Murshidabad, the historic town, the earliest evidences of history perhaps as early as circa 1500 B.C. The Nawab Murshid Quli Khan made Murshidabad the capital city of Sube Bangla, comprising of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa. The East India Company reigned from here for many years after the Battle of Plassey.

Day 6
Reach Azimganj in the morning. Disembarkartion from the vessel after brakfast and transfer to Azimganj railway station. Guest wanting to come back at Kolkata, shall be given a transfer by rail.

Note: The time of excursions may vary depending upon the tidal and other environmental conditions.